Ventilation Systems

Ventilation System Installation

Energise South West have been trained by Vent-axia to install domestic ventilation systems including intermittent mechanical extract fans, continuous mechanical ventilation systems (MEV) and continuous mechanical ventilation with heat recovery systems (MVHR).  To ensure compliance with Building Regulations Approved Document F and the Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide, these systems should only be installed by competent installers.  Once installed these systems should be properly adjusted, commissioned and air flow rates should be measured and certificated.


We are able to offer our customers a full service, including design, installation, commisioning and certification, this will ensure your ventilation system complies with these statutory documents.

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Ventilation System Airflow Testing

If you are an installer that requires a ventilation system inspecting, testing and commissioning, we are able to offer you that service.  We will carry out a thorough inspection of all accessible components of the system, measure the airflow rates of the system to ensure they meet the design airflow rates, and finally we will certificate the system.  If any parts of the system do not comply with the design we will be happy to provide guidance on how to rectify these issues, or carry out remedial work.  This will ensure that your installation complies with Building Regulations Approved Document F and the Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide.

Ventilation System Maintenance

Our company is also able to offer​ a maintenance program for your ventilation system, we can replace filters, clean system components and check that your system is still performing as well now as it was when it was installed by checking air flow rates.  This will ensure that your system works effieciently while providing clean fresh air throughout your home.


We can also install system components and controls to ensure your ventilation system only operates when it is required, timers, controllers and humidistats are a few of the options which will ensure your system is energy efficient.


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electrical contractors devon, ventilation systems, MVHR

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